LA Cosplay Shootout #8

This was the last shootout at around the Merry-Go-Round before we went to a different location within Griffith Park. Those photos will be up soon.



D23 Expo

I was not planning on attending this event. Surprisingly, my friend, whom I have worked with a few times on a few projects, asked me if I was busy. He actually drove me there! It was great!

I do hope to be able to attend again.

No Pants Metro Ride 2018

The annual No Pants Metro Ride took place in Los Angeles on January 7th. Participants forgot to bring their pants, which is understandable.

I went to the North Hollywood Station and got some traditional photos of a friend walking to the gathering. It was interesting overhearing other people talking to each other or on the phone about what they were witnessing. Scandalous, right?

For anyone who does not know, it is recommended that you purchase a Metro Day Pass on your TAP card ($7 for a Day Pass and $8 if you need to purchase a TAP card and the Day Pass).

We headed downstairs to the Red Line to go to Union Station. We met with other groups, talk amongst ourselves, local commuters who were amused by what they saw, took photos, and then headed off to Downtown Santa Monica.

We went to Tongva Park where we took photos and the organizers had some words for us about the location of the after-party.

We walked in all of our pantsless glory to the Ma’Kai Lounge to debrief, party and have drinks. I always look forward to this event and I love forgetting to bring some pants. It’s all in good fun and comedy. I look forward to seeing familiar faces and new participants next year!

LA SantaCon 2017

This year’s SantaCon seemed bigger than previous years, but I could be wrong.

We started out in Rockwell Table & Stage. There were some funny signs again this year. The place eventually got quite crowded. We then headed to Dave & Buster’s on Hollywood and Highland, followed by The Pink Taco and Saddle Ranch, Rage, Saint Felix, Big Wangs, and Outpost, Boardners, and finally Bar Sinister.

This year was a good one. In the past, I recall taking the Metro more, but we had “sleighs” to take us to each place. I got a Metro Day Pass to be safe, but I ended up getting a Sleigh Pass as well.

Ronin-Expo 2017

I got an email from the head of Ninja Con about a new event that was being put together. It took place in the same area, the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center. A friend of mine performed some songs with her band! They performed songs such as, “The End of Heartache”, by Killswitch Engage, and, “BYOB”, by System of a Down.

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