LA Pride 2018

I know this post is late since it isn’t Pride month anymore, but I still wanted to get this post up.



Nerdbot-Con 2017

This event was created by friends at Nerdbot, a media company that brings entertainment within the nerd community. They also recently created and hosted Anime Pasadena, which I previously posted.

For any Flash fans, they made a Reverse Flash: Origins, which you can find on their website!

Long Beach Pride Parade 2018

I had a lot of fun this year! I marched in the parade again with the Queer Nerd Alliance! The full gallery will be posted on my Flickr account. I saw a float of a bar where I shot photos of Mr. Long Beach Leather a while ago for LA Weekly. It was great meeting new people and seeing them proudly show their pride!

I look forward to next year, as well as the Pride event in LA!

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