My name is Andrew Bell and I became interested in Photography as well as video shooting and editing while taking some Art classes during my tenure at California State University, Northridge, where I majored in Humanities.

I run my own company, Bellezebob Production. Providing Digital Photography, Videography and Post Production services such as Video and Photo Editing.

Here is my email address: bellzebob.pics@gmail.com


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  1. Good Morning Bob,

    (Question) – Would it be possible for you to cover the event?

    My name is De Juan VaLentine, it was really great meeting you this weekend at the ‘Politicon” LGBTQ event on Saturday. I am the Creator and Executive Producer of a talk show called “C.SQUARED” (Crucial Conversations). I’m preparing for a C.SQUARED Premier Event on Sunday, August 27th 2017 (1pm-4pm) and would like to formally extend an invitation to you as I would love for you to come. 

    If you are interested, please send me your full name and email address as well as the same for any guests you would like to bring and I will have an E-vite to RSVP sent to each of you. It is important I keep as accurate a count as possible as the event is catered. 

    I look forward to building a stronger relationship with you over time. Below are Video Clips and a Show synopsis. Enjoy and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

    The links to view the sizzle reel for season 1 and season 2 are below:

    1. Click the link for Season 1 Sizzle Reel:https://vimeo.com/119823580

    2. Click the link for Season 2 Sizzle Reel: https://vimeo.com/209328807

    C.SQUARED Show Synopsis:
    C.SQUARED (our jargon for Crucial Conversations) is an LGBTQ perspective talk show that
    focuses 80% of its attention towards addressing issues directly affecting LGBTQ individuals
    through a non-homonormative lens, while also serving as an educational and diversely inclusive
    platform to those who may not be too familiar with the culture. This hour-long, studio audience
    quorum is the hard, provocative conversation most people find uncomfortable, too shameful or
    just rather ignore and sweep under the rug. These conversations are had mostly behind closed
    doors, and are informative to the general public. Guests and viewers will be challenged to think
    outside the box regarding important issues and calls to action. A mixture or Geraldo, Real Time
    with Bill Mahr, OPRAH, Ricky Lake and just a dash of Jerry Springer-esque passion, with a twist
    of Queer…is what the feel of this show is.

    Hip/Mature/Engaging, full of passion & shrouded in productive controversy….


    De Juan VaLentine, MBA
    Senior Executive Producer
    VS.VNS Entertainment, LLC
    Los Angeles – New York
    Email: VaLentine@vsent.com
    Web http://vsent.com


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