NAMM Day 2

I covered the She Rocks Awards and there were a lot of performances! My friend, Victoria Renee, did a cover of, Only Happy When It Rains, by Garbage. Shirley Manson was in attendance to see it as well! A lot of songs that were performed are on a CD called, She Rocks, Vol.1, which was available for purchase at the event (with autographs). It is also available on iTunes and will be available on Amazon!

There were great performances and then there was one last performance by the amazing Lita Ford! She performed the song, Kiss Me Deadly, with other amazing guitarists.

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NAMM 2017

It was my first time attending NAMM, a music convention, and it was awesome! There were a lot of drum vendors, wind instruments, and audio, among others. I walked by John Petrucci, a musician from one of my favorite bands, Dream Theater! I highly recommend them, by the way. They are an amazing Progressive Metal band.

I learned that Randy Blythe, the vocalist from another favorite band of mine, Lamb of God, will be there on Saturday.

I will be back there for Day 2 to continue coverage!

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Nerdbotcon 2016

Friends of mine at Nerdbot held a small convention at the Pasadena Convention Center. It was pretty good for its inception. Since this was a few months before the election, my friend, Loki Hates You, was “running” for president and he had his own pins! He even sings!

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Long Beach Zombie Fest 2016

I had only heard of this event a few days before it took place. I saw a post by a popular Walking Dead cosplay group known as, Reel Guise Cosplay. They posted about a coupon code that people could use to get discounts on their tickets for this event. Curious, I looked up this Zombie Fest on Google. I found the website and I looked for any information about Press. They didn’t seem to strict about it since they asked me how many days I was planning on attending and the quantity of passes that I needed, assuming that there were other people working with me.

This event actually takes place close to the convention center where Long Beach Comic-Con/Expo takes place.

It was pretty fun. There were many vendors, including a vendor for zombie make-up. There was a concert going on, but I don’t know what the band was called. I liked them though. They played some great covers! I think one of them was The Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson.

It’s a three-day event and it’s great for the whole family…I think. For more info, you can visit their website.


West Hollywood Halloween 2016

It’s always a good party this time around in West Hollywood (besides Pride, of course). It’s always nice to see how creative and hilarious people get with their costumes. I don’t even know if I can decide what the highlights were. There were so many great costumes!

Chipotle even gets in on the fun with a $3 burrito deal for anyone in a costume.

I had no idea what I wanted to be this year. I didn’t want to repeat a costume this time, though I probably would have if I couldn’t think of anything. I mixed up a few things the time. I found my Death costume, but the mask part was missing, so I used a demon mask. In the past, I wore my Butthead shirt which states that he wants you to pull his finger. Considering that Death likes to point its finger, I figured it might be funny. It was actually my dad’s idea. This time, I wore my, Vote For Pedro, shirt because I thought that would be funny and it’s almost time for the Presidential Election.

Some people actually liked it! Plenty of people wanted photos of me and with me. I told them to vote for Pedro on November 8. Someone thought I was a scary Napoleon Dynamite.

As I suspected, there were many people dressed as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. There were many people dressed as Negan as well (Any Walking Dead fans out there?).