Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con 2016

This convention was actually called, “Comikaze”, before changing the name. It was still a lot of fun! The after party was amazing as well! My friends, The Library Bards, performed. For those who do not know who they are, they are like Weird Al. They perform geeky/nerdy versions of popular songs. They are awesome! Check them out!

The Flux Capacitors performed amazing covers, including Oingo Boingo’s hit song, Dead Man’s Party. The one and only Jason Paige, who famously sang the first theme song for the English Pokemon series, joined them on stage to sing the Pokemon theme song.

Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo (Day 3)

I was Slenderman on this day and there was another Slenderman on stilts. Many people asked if he was me. I love how parents love to get photos of me with their kids. Also, within this gallery is a photo shoot that I did with a friend of mine.

Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo 2015 (Day 1)

What an awesome, eventful weekend! It is always great to see my cosplay friends and meet new people. Here are my pictures from Day 1. More to come!

Stan Lee’s Comikaze 2014

This was my first time at this particular convention. It was also my first time being approved for a Press badge at a convention!

This particular convention is smaller than the others, but it’s still fun to attend. The Exhibit Hall is the main attraction. There are even panels in there as well. I saw that there was a MadTV reunion panel going on. There were also well-known guests like Elvira and Stan Lee, but I didn’t get to see them. It was also on the first day that I went down to West Hollywood for Halloween. Those pictures will also be posted.

I had fun and I would definitely attend another Comikaze event!

Frank And Sons Collectables (aka. Cosplay Con)

I had heard of Frank and Sons Collectible Show for a while because a friend of mine has frequented that place, but I didn’t know that it was a Cosplay Expo as well. It’s not as big as, let’s say, a convention like Anime Expo or Comic-Con, but it’s still an awesome place to get pictures, buy merchandise related to Anime, comics, sports, and meet new people. I guess you can say it’s like a Swap Meet. I had fun roaming the place and getting good pictures. I actually took a Metro train (the Red Line) and a few buses to get there. It was worth it. Also, Stan Lee was there. I did not meet him though. I got there later than I had hoped.

Here are the photos that I took during the event.