Long Beach Pride Parade

I have marched in the LA Pride Parade for a few years now, but it was my first time marching in Long Beach. It was quite fun and I met a lot of awesome people!


LA Cultural Festival

I had heard about this event a few days before it occurred when a friend of mine posted about it. I was unsure about whether or not I would be able to attend, but I thought I would submit a Press application anyway.

This is the event that I covered before going to Politicon. There is a public parking lot that had food vendors, some merchandise, and first-aid. There was also a stage set up for concerts.

LA Pride

It was another great year being in the parade! As I got to the area where the parade begins, there was a press conference that discussed the Orlando shooting. I saw many tributes to Orlando throughout the parade. It was amazing.

Chinese New Year 2016

It was my second time attending this event. My first time was in 2013. It was just as fun the second time. I was in the same area, Bernard St, which has plenty of shade.

The parade started with a wave of police officers on motorcycles and then everything else followed. I was not expecting to meet James Hong there. He was promoting Kung Fu Panda 3.

It was nice roaming the streets until the closed it to open them up. Then, the sidewalks got really crowded.  It was a nice adventure, as usual.

LA Pride Parade 2015

One of my favorite times of the year; the Pride Parade. This would be my third time being in the parade and I met Betty DeGeneres again. I joined PFLAG again and I needed a red shirt again. This is always an awesome event.

Be proud of who you are!!

LA Pride Parade 2014

The Pride Parade was fun! I got to march in it again, but with a different group. We had to wear red shirts. As I was walking up the parade route on Santa Monica Blvd, I wished that I had roller blades so it would be easier for me to travel.

At first I got to the same area where I met with the NoH8 group last year until my friend called me and told me that our group was on the other side of the street. There was also a special guest in our group. Last year, Christina Millian was in our NoH8 group. This year, it was Betty Degeneres, which is awesome! Although I haven’t seen much of Ellen’s work, she seems like a really awesome person.

My friend and I took photos of the different parade participants and we even looked throughout the crowd for people with interesting shirts and clothing and general, and we took pictures of them as well. After that, we went up and down the Boulevard to look for more people that we could take pictures of. Some gropage and kissing happened, which is always hilarious (don’t worry, it was consensual).

Towards the end of the day, we met up with some cosplay friends of ours who wanted to check out the event. We met someone who worked at the festival that was going on. She asked us if we had tickets to go and we said we didn’t have tickets. She then gave us free tickets!! The festival was pretty good and I got some sustenance there as well. I got a banana and one of my friends then told me that of course I would pick that (Banana, a phallic object at a Pride Parade). I then said, “I’m not gay! I just want the potassium!”. There was much exploring of the crowded festival.

We eventually called it a day and by this time, my left leg and feet were sore. Walking was a little tough, but I’ve been through worse. Here are the photos of my day at the Pride Parade!


Gay Pride

I attended a Gay Pride Parade with my friend, Dan (aka. The Steel Shark), and he told to wear a purple shirt. I wasn’t sure why, but I found the only purple shirt that I owned; my Kobe Bryant shirt. When we got there, we explored the route and took pictures of people/stuff that we thought were weird and interesting. We eventually met with this group in the parade who had the NoH8 symbol. Much to my surprise, we weren’t going to be spectators taking pictures of the different groups that came by. We were IN the parade. Another surprise; there was a celebrity in our group, Christina Milian (We didn’t know this until the next day). I’ll admit though, I’ve never heard or seen any or her work. As we marched, my friend and I continued taking pictures of people and stuff that we thought were interesting. It was a good day and I got hit on by a gay dude. It was flattering even though I’m straight. It was a wonderful experience.