A Tribute to Adam West

The bat signal shined on the tower of City Hall in Downtown Los Angeles as a tribute to the late Adam West.

Thousands came to take pictures and pay their respects. There were people who dressed up as the caped crusader for the special occasion.

Adam West was an amazing actor and he will be greatly missed.

Los Pollos Hermanos

The restaurant from the popular AMC show, Breaking Bad, made an appearance in the Arts District near Pershing Square. It wasn’t a fully-functioning restaurant, but the curly fried were good. They served a few different dipping sauces and water as well. “Employees” told people that they were “hiring”, though the job application was actually a form that you can fill out to join a mailing list. There was even a Walter White impersonator/cosplayer!


Nintendo Switch Event at Raleigh Studios

There was an event at Raleigh Studios in downtown Los Angeles and I decided to go when it was open to the public. I honestly didn’t know what to expect. There were different time frames when the would let people come in with different colored wristbands. I got in at 3pm, though I arrived there around 10:30am. As they were about to let us in, they passed out tickets for free food.

They led us into one of the studios in the studio lot and someone was throwing Nintendo Switch hats into the crowd. I was lucky enough to get the first one!

It was a really big room with many different sections for each video game. There were games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Bomberman, Mario Kart 8, Sonic Mania (probably my favorite) which is a return to the original games sans 3D, Disgaea 5, and many others.

There were games played on the main stage called, 1-2-Switch, and Arms. 1-2-Switch looks like a variety of party games and Arms is a fighting game with really long arms. I took video of these games that you can view here.

It was a fun event! I played two levels from Sonic Mania and some Mario Kart 8. Both were fun.

To close out the event, they played N’SYNC’s, Bye Bye Bye, as we existed the room. They gave us cookies too!

I saw that they were out of churros, so I got two hot dogs, ice cream, and a soda. You got to love free food!


West Hollywood Halloween 2016

It’s always a good party this time around in West Hollywood (besides Pride, of course). It’s always nice to see how creative and hilarious people get with their costumes. I don’t even know if I can decide what the highlights were. There were so many great costumes!

Chipotle even gets in on the fun with a $3 burrito deal for anyone in a costume.

I had no idea what I wanted to be this year. I didn’t want to repeat a costume this time, though I probably would have if I couldn’t think of anything. I mixed up a few things the time. I found my Death costume, but the mask part was missing, so I used a demon mask. In the past, I wore my Butthead shirt which states that he wants you to pull his finger. Considering that Death likes to point its finger, I figured it might be funny. It was actually my dad’s idea. This time, I wore my, Vote For Pedro, shirt because I thought that would be funny and it’s almost time for the Presidential Election.

Some people actually liked it! Plenty of people wanted photos of me and with me. I told them to vote for Pedro on November 8. Someone thought I was a scary Napoleon Dynamite.

As I suspected, there were many people dressed as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. There were many people dressed as Negan as well (Any Walking Dead fans out there?).


Year of Fear – DTLA Halloween Party 2016

My friend at Geek Pride Entertainment threw a Halloween Party in Downtown Los Angeles, near Pershing Square. There was an episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race, as well as dancing with Go Go Dancers and drag queens in Halloween costumes.

There was a trivia of various horror questions and the prize was a, “Year of Fear”, calendar featuring horror movie icons in boudoir photography.