Long Beach Pride Parade

I have marched in the LA Pride Parade for a few years now, but it was my first time marching in Long Beach. It was quite fun and I met a lot of awesome people!


Long Beach Zombie Fest 2016

I had only heard of this event a few days before it took place. I saw a post by a popular Walking Dead cosplay group known as, Reel Guise Cosplay. They posted about a coupon code that people could use to get discounts on their tickets for this event. Curious, I looked up this Zombie Fest on Google. I found the website and I looked for any information about Press. They didn’t seem to strict about it since they asked me how many days I was planning on attending and the quantity of passes that I needed, assuming that there were other people working with me.

This event actually takes place close to the convention center where Long Beach Comic-Con/Expo takes place.

It was pretty fun. There were many vendors, including a vendor for zombie make-up. There was a concert going on, but I don’t know what the band was called. I liked them though. They played some great covers! I think one of them was The Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson.

It’s a three-day event and it’s great for the whole family…I think. For more info, you can visit their website.



LA Cosplay Con 2016

Although this event has, “LA”, in its name, it actually took place at the Long Beach Convention Center to accommodate for the larger volume of attendees. It was another great event and a friend of mine, Bernie Bregman, was a special guest.


Long Beach Comic Expo 2016

Long Beach Comic Con 2015

This is the first time that I had a Press Pass for this particular event. A few months earlier, I was allowed to buy a Professional Pass for $15, which wasn’t bad.

I was hyped for this event because Chloe Bennet and John Barrowman  were going to be there on September 12th and 13th, respectively. I had heard that it cost $60 to take photos with them, but I was interested in getting photos OF them. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to do that, but I still got a lot of other photos.

It was kind of hot on Day 1, but I cosplayed as Vash The Stampede anyway. Day 2 was a bit hotter, and I was thinking about cosplaying as Slenderman, but I ultimately did not cosplay.

There is another cosplay that I wanted to debut on Day 1, but there was a shirt that I was looking for at Target and they didn’t have it. I bought it on Amazon instead so It may be a few days until I receive it. I think on Day 1 of Comikaze, I’ll cosplay as Napoleon Dynamite. Some friends of mine say I look like him anyway.

Long Beach Comic Expo 2015

It was awesome! Last time, I hung out and took photos in another area of the convention center. This time it looked like most, if not all, the action took place in and around the Exhibit Hall area. I was fortunate enough to get a Professional Pass! Otherwise, I would have hung out outside and take whatever photos I could get. I saw a lot of familiar people which was great. I was only able to go for a day, however. I had to work the next day.

I had often though about trying different compositional styles such as different angles/poses for cosplayer, but I realized that that might be better for a photo shoot since conventions can be crowded unless I found a secluded area. I can’t wait for the next event!


Long Beach Comic Con 2014

This was the first time that I’ve been to Long Beach for a convention or to Long Beach in general since Anime Expo 2007, but I wasn’t into Photography yet so I don’t have any pictures from that time. This seemed to be quite a small convention compared to others, but there was still quite a lot of people there. It is also a two-day convention. There was also a Tea Expo going on at the same time on the first floor. There was even plenty of free water being handed out which was very nice. I met a lot of awesome people and I saw some familiar faces, including someone who won Best In Show at Frank and Sons! Quite a few people thought my friend from thesteelshark.com looks like Jared Leto. That’s always amusing. They should meet sometime.