Long Beach Pride Parade

I have marched in the LA Pride Parade for a few years now, but it was my first time marching in Long Beach. It was quite fun and I met a lot of awesome people!


LA Cultural Festival

I had heard about this event a few days before it occurred when a friend of mine posted about it. I was unsure about whether or not I would be able to attend, but I thought I would submit a Press application anyway.

This is the event that I covered before going to Politicon. There is a public parking lot that had food vendors, some merchandise, and first-aid. There was also a stage set up for concerts.

LA Pride

It was another great year being in the parade! As I got to the area where the parade begins, there was a press conference that discussed the Orlando shooting. I saw many tributes to Orlando throughout the parade. It was amazing.

LA Pride Parade 2015

One of my favorite times of the year; the Pride Parade. This would be my third time being in the parade and I met Betty DeGeneres again. I joined PFLAG again and I needed a red shirt again. This is always an awesome event.

Be proud of who you are!!