Nintendo Switch Event at Raleigh Studios

There was an event at Raleigh Studios in downtown Los Angeles and I decided to go when it was open to the public. I honestly didn’t know what to expect. There were different time frames when the would let people come in with different colored wristbands. I got in at 3pm, though I arrived there around 10:30am. As they were about to let us in, they passed out tickets for free food.

They led us into one of the studios in the studio lot and someone was throwing Nintendo Switch hats into the crowd. I was lucky enough to get the first one!

It was a really big room with many different sections for each video game. There were games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Bomberman, Mario Kart 8, Sonic Mania (probably my favorite) which is a return to the original games sans 3D, Disgaea 5, and many others.

There were games played on the main stage called, 1-2-Switch, and Arms. 1-2-Switch looks like a variety of party games and Arms is a fighting game with really long arms. I took video of these games that you can view here.

It was a fun event! I played two levels from Sonic Mania and some Mario Kart 8. Both were fun.

To close out the event, they played N’SYNC’s, Bye Bye Bye, as we existed the room. They gave us cookies too!

I saw that they were out of churros, so I got two hot dogs, ice cream, and a soda. You got to love free food!


No Pants Metro Ride 2016

It was another great day to ride the Metro without pants. There were some things that drew attention to us that are against the rules, but I suppose that’s just bound to happen now. It was still a fun day.

For the past three years, I started at the North Hollywood Station. This time, I started at the Culver City Station. I also thought it would be funny to go as a pantsless Napoleon Dynamite. It was well-received.

Unlike last year, this time I got more photos of the bands playing at Loaded Hollywood. They were not wearing pants, of course. It was great and the music was awesome! The bands that played were called, Carnival of Futility, and ALIXCIA.

Descanso Gardens

What a beautiful place. I went there with my family on Mother’s Day in 2012. I wish I had my UV lens with me since there was a lot of sunlight, but I think I got a lot of good pictures. Here are the many pictures that I took that day.