D23 Expo

I was not planning on attending this event. Surprisingly, my friend, whom I have worked with a few times on a few projects, asked me if I was busy. He actually drove me there! It was great!

I do hope to be able to attend again.


ScareLA 2017

Ah, my Summer Halloween. It was great. I saw The Rhythm Coffin. They rocked as always. As my friend and I wandered for photos to take, I heard music in the distance and I became curious. It sounded metal with some Southern influence. I discovered a band called, Graveyard BBQ.  They do live entertainment…AND catering!! The music sounded awesome, and I talked to the band (one guy, specifically) for a while. He was awesome and we had a nice conversation. He has a song on the first Guitar Hero game called, Cheat on the Church.

There is a comic magazine called, Fractured Scary Tales. It is described as, “Robot Chicken meet Tales from the Crypt”.

There were also cats. Yes, you read that right. There were cats. In cages. They were adorable.

The awesome folks at Dystopia Rising were there, though I didn’t participate in any Zombie Tag this time.

I randomly came across the booth of voice actor, John Kassir, also known as, The Crypt Keeper! My sister and I loved watching Tales from the Crypt as kids. It was quite an honor to meet him.


Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con 2016

This convention was actually called, “Comikaze”, before changing the name. It was still a lot of fun! The after party was amazing as well! My friends, The Library Bards, performed. For those who do not know who they are, they are like Weird Al. They perform geeky/nerdy versions of popular songs. They are awesome! Check them out!

The Flux Capacitors performed amazing covers, including Oingo Boingo’s hit song, Dead Man’s Party. The one and only Jason Paige, who famously sang the first theme song for the English Pokemon series, joined them on stage to sing the Pokemon theme song.

VRLA Expo 207

I attended a virtual reality expo and I was surprised to see that one of the keynote speakers would be Justin Roiland, the creator of Rick and Morty. It was hilarious, by the way.

I saw a booth for Facebook 360. Using a Samsung phone and VR goggles, I was looking at what looked like a menu that you would see on a Smart TV screen.

There was some musical VR that I tried out, where you were creating these patterns using different brush strokes with some music playing. There was another booth with music VR that had people playing guitar and drums. I did not try that, but it was interesting to watch.

Since this event took place before Easter, there was a huge booth with this forest setting. People had goggles on that, I’m guessing, showed the locations of the Easter eggs.

Hype VR took you to a few different locations such as Vietnam and a Football field. It was an interesting experience. I couldn’t interact with anything or anyone, but the scenery was nice.

My friend, The Steel Shark, shot video of me at this booth called, Antilatency. It was like a scene from The Matrix. While there wasn’t a big, red couch, there were two chairs, a table with some items, and an old, analog TV. You can view my interaction with it below.

There was a John Wick booth where people ducked for cover in a shootout. That booth was quite fun. It was worth the wait. We even overheard the raffle that we entered to see if we won anything. We didn’t. Here is more footage of me ducking for cover while shooting my enemies.



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