Year of Fear – DTLA Halloween Party 2016

My friend at Geek Pride Entertainment threw a Halloween Party in Downtown Los Angeles, near Pershing Square. There was an episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race, as well as dancing with Go Go Dancers and drag queens in Halloween costumes.

There was a trivia of various horror questions and the prize was a, “Year of Fear”, calendar featuring horror movie icons in boudoir photography.

Running of the Clowns

It was to be the 3rd Annual Running of the Clowns today, however, we knew the risks because of the clown attacks.

I was expecting some kind of turnout, but it was just me, my friend, and two clowns (one of which is the host and creator of the event).

We waited at the Memorial Park Gold Line Station in Old Town, Pasadena for about a half hour to see if anyone else would show up. I joked that we are lucky that the police didn’t show up. I spoke too soon…

The cops question us at the Memorial Park Station in Old Town, Pasadena.

The cops question us at the Memorial Park Station in Old Town, Pasadena.

We told them that there was an event going on today. The host explained to them that, considering the clown attacks, he insisted that anyone dressing up as a clown for this event must look family-friendly and NOT scary. Those are part of the rules anyway, but that had to be made clear this time so there wouldn’t be any trouble. The cops asked for their IDs so they know who they are in case other people report sightings of these particular clowns. Afterwards, we casually headed to Lucky Baldwin’s to hang out.

8th Annual Hollywood Subway Zombie Walk

It was that time of the year. The undead rose again to roam the streets of downtown Los Angeles. The sounds of moaning and groaning filled the LA air. Civilians fled in terror!!

Not really. People eagerly awaited our arrival at the top of the stairs of the Hollywood and Highland Metro Station. They had their phones and cameras out to document the chaos. THEN they fled in terror!

Ok, ok, no one fled in terror. At least, not to my knowledge.

Enjoy my photos of the chaos!