ScareLA 2016

‘Tis the season! It was the second time I attended this convention and I love it!

There are plenty of interesting vendors such as Zombie Larping! The groups is called, Dystopia Rising and they larp in different locations across the U.S. It’s Role-Playing in a Post-Apocalyptic world and you must survive zombie attacks. They had a sample of this in one of the rooms at the convention center. Participants are given a nerf gun and a melee weapon. We have to tap, not hit, the zombies in different areas to “hit” them. Obviously, we don’t hit them hard. Melee weapons deal a small amount of damage and guns deal a larger amount of damage. However, we don’t know what each zombie’s HP is. We just have to keep moving and surviving. The tanks are a challenge. As the name suggests, they have high defensive stats. The whole thing was like flag Football. We wore these belts with two thin straps to represent our health. If both of them are taken, we are down. We were given a time limit before the door was opened for us to escape to safety.

There was a booth that was advertising the new Blair Witch Project movie. We were able to take pictures with a cutout Instagram template and hashtag in order to win a prize.

There were vendors that had really cool masks, shirts, and haunts.

One vendor, ImagineRick, designs some awesome props and creatures.

There was a vendor that advertised a show called, The Real Ghoulwives of Los Angeles which is something that I would watch.

There is a place called, The Phantom Carriage, a brewery in Carson, Ca. They are, “part brewery, part cafe — and part haunted cellar”.

A dark hallway, The Vault of Darkness, provided some entertainment, include a stage act who got his body out of a ring that was smaller than his body. There was a small model of a house that had a half-naked woman inside (maybe NSFW), as well as a TV that displayed static, and various other creepy things. I wanted to get many compositions of this house to capture its creepiness.

Photos from Day 2 will be up soon!



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