LA Cultural Festival

I had heard about this event a few days before it occurred when a friend of mine posted about it. I was unsure about whether or not I would be able to attend, but I thought I would submit a Press application anyway.

This is the event that I covered before going to Politicon. There is a public parking lot that had food vendors, some merchandise, and first-aid. There was also a stage set up for concerts.

Politicon 2016

It took place less than a year later at the Pasadena Convention Center. One guest who immediately caught my attention was Bill Nye. I wanted attend his panel about traveling to Mars, as well as getting a photo with him, the latter of which did not happen. Unlike other conventions that I have attended, Politicon has tighter security, as well as metal detectors.

I had made it just in time for Bill Nye’s panel since I was covering another event, the LA Cultural Festival, earlier that day. He talked about space exploration and the need to make that a big priority, among others, for the next president.

My friend and I played a Politicon Boardgame with some other people in the Exhibit Hall. We rolled a big dice, moved to the appropriate amount of spaces, and then answered various political questions. I was surprised at some of the questions that I happen to remember, such as, “Which president was known as, “The Great Communicator”?”.

Unfortunately, I did not attend Day 2, due to something else I had to help my family with that day.

LA Pride

It was another great year being in the parade! As I got to the area where the parade begins, there was a press conference that discussed the Orlando shooting. I saw many tributes to Orlando throughout the parade. It was amazing.

LA Cosplay Con 2016

Although this event has, “LA”, in its name, it actually took place at the Long Beach Convention Center to accommodate for the larger volume of attendees. It was another great event and a friend of mine, Bernie Bregman, was a special guest.