WonderCon Day 1

I had a blast! WonderCon took place at the Los Angeles Convention Center this year due to construction at the Anaheim Convention Center. I’m currently going through pictures from Day 3, but I’ll post some coverage from Day 1 and Day 2 in the meantime!


A Protest with a positive spin.

Yes, it was a protest. Well, it was like a protest. It was actually called a “PRO-Test”. Emphasis on, “PRO”. It was something positive. Instead of protesting against something, we protested FOR something. The signs had positive messages on them. While taking pictures, I held a sign that read, “You are beautiful.”

I attended Wondercon for a few hours (those pictures will come soon) and then I met up with my fellow members of GuerilLA at Pan Pacific Park in Downtown LA and we made signs. We walked to Fairfax and 3rd and started shouting out messages of positivity to everyone! It was quite fun! We got plenty of good reactions and plenty of car honks.

This is definitely something I would love to do again and I hope it happens again soon.