The Zombies gather for some Thriller!

Here is some video that I took at the Zombie Walk.


Ballot Pong

Here is something else that I recorded at Politicon.

It’s like beer pong, but there was water in each cup. They all varied in size to represent the difficulty of passing all of these ballots. We were given ballot numbers and we had to throw ping pong balls in them in order to “pass” them. For any cups or “ballots” that were left over, anyone with those numbers went up and was given the description of the ballot and they had to say what it was and what there stance was on it. I didn’t film the ball throwing because I was participating in that and it was quite fun! All of my ballots were passed, but my friend, The Steel Shark, had to go up there.

I took part in a music video!

About half a year ago, a band that I had discovered at the House of Blues, The McNaughstys, an Irish Folk Punk band, were looking for people to participate in a music video at the house of one of the band members. It was a party scene with the band playing and everyone was jumping and headbanging. It has recently been released. My friend, The Steel Shark, and I can be seen towards the end in the scene described above.

Enjoy and check them out!

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