7th Annual Hollywood Subway Zombie Walk

While this was not my first year attending this event, it was my first year attending it in it’s entirety. I was only able to catch the end of it last year due to a Photojournalism assignment that I was taking care of first.

Everyone gathered at the North Hollywood Station before moaning and groaning down to the Red Line. We rode to Hollywood and Highland where we walked up the stairs to find a huge crowd of people waiting to see and take pictures of the undead as the walk among the living. It was interesting wading through them to get good shots. It was especially interesting getting shots of them interacting with the living.

We got to Hollywood and Vine and then went back and headed to the Chinese Theatre. It was amazing how many people looked on and enjoyed what we were doing!


A Halloween Party for Charity

I attended a really nice Halloween party at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. It was also an event that helped spread awareness for breast cancer. There was a dating-like auction where people were bid on and the money went to charity. There were also really cool items from various movies given away via a raffle.

It was a big costume party with some photo-ops and karaoke. There were some well-known cosplayers in attendence, as well as other celebrity guests.

Ballot Pong

Here is something else that I recorded at Politicon.

It’s like beer pong, but there was water in each cup. They all varied in size to represent the difficulty of passing all of these ballots. We were given ballot numbers and we had to throw ping pong balls in them in order to “pass” them. For any cups or “ballots” that were left over, anyone with those numbers went up and was given the description of the ballot and they had to say what it was and what there stance was on it. I didn’t film the ball throwing because I was participating in that and it was quite fun! All of my ballots were passed, but my friend, The Steel Shark, had to go up there.


This year is it’s inception and it took place at the Los Angeles Convention Center. I heard about is while attending Long Beach Comic Con. There was someone dressed as a political figure, handing out flyers.

The security seemed pretty tight and there were metal detectors at the entrance, though I can understand why.

I didn’t know what to expect from this kind of convention and I wasn’t sure how many photo opportunities there would be, but there were plenty of video opportunities, which I did record a few videos.

There was an art exhibit for political art as well as some people who cosplayed as political figures. There was one group of gentlemen who were dressed as the Founding Fathers. They performed some skits, one of which involved them bringing an audience member to the stage to use some hilarious pick-up lines. I regrettably did not get footage of this.

There were some interesting panels, including the mothers of Michael Brown and Jordan Davis. After the panel, I gave them both hugs.

Clay Aiken and Brad W. Dacus, President of the Pacific Justice Institute, had a conversation about various topics.

There was an activity called, “Ballot Pong”. It was like beer pong except the cups were filled with water. They varied in size and they had ballot numbers on them. This activity represents the difficulty of passing a bunch of ballots. We were given ballot numbers and we had to throw balls in the cups. There were many cups left over and the people whose ballot cups were remaining were given the ballot descriptions. They had to read it and give a small speech about their stance on the ballot.

There was another panel with Cenk Uygur from the Young Turks and Ann Coulter. It got kind of heated and one audience member asked a question that got the audience riled up.

Trevor Noah, who replaced John Stewart on the Daily Show, did some hilarious stand-up.

Overall, I think it was a good convention and I would attend again next year.