A Public Service Announcement

My friend, The Steel Shark, made a short video that I recorded about how people often record video vertically.

Long Beach Comic Con 2015

This is the first time that I had a Press Pass for this particular event. A few months earlier, I was allowed to buy a Professional Pass for $15, which wasn’t bad.

I was hyped for this event because Chloe Bennet and John Barrowman  were going to be there on September 12th and 13th, respectively. I had heard that it cost $60 to take photos with them, but I was interested in getting photos OF them. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to do that, but I still got a lot of other photos.

It was kind of hot on Day 1, but I cosplayed as Vash The Stampede anyway. Day 2 was a bit hotter, and I was thinking about cosplaying as Slenderman, but I ultimately did not cosplay.

There is another cosplay that I wanted to debut on Day 1, but there was a shirt that I was looking for at Target and they didn’t have it. I bought it on Amazon instead so It may be a few days until I receive it. I think on Day 1 of Comikaze, I’ll cosplay as Napoleon Dynamite. Some friends of mine say I look like him anyway.

Geek Pride

My friend and I were invited to an event called, Geek Pride, at the Dragonfly on Santa Monica Boulevard. We were celebrating our birthdays and they even had a table reserved for us! That didn’t stop us from moving around and taking photos as we are so used to doing.

We did some Nerd Dating where they asked us a variety of geek culture questions ranging from our choice of vehicle (the Delorean or the Tardis), who our sidekicks would be, and our zombie apocalypse plans.

There were some great performances as well, including pole dancing. Overall, it was a fun event that I hope to attend again soon.