ScareLA 2015

I heard about this convention while attending LA Cosplay Con. Someone had a raptor inside a container and the container said, “ScareLA”.

I saw another post about it on Facebook from a cosplay group that I follow called, Reel Guise Cosplay. They are a group who cosplay as characters from the popular zombie apocalypse show, The Walking Dead.

Out of curiosity, I applied for a Press Pass and I was accepted! I didn’t know what to expect since I had never been to this convention before.

It’s pretty much a Horror convention, which is really cool! The vendors sold a lot of horror stuff and there were even some shows on the Exhibit Hall floor by this group called, “Decayed Brigade”. They performed various acts such as a scene from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Michael Jackson’s, “Thriller”, and some extreme skidding (I don’t know how else to describe it), which I will post on YouTube soon.

Considering Halloween is one of my favorite hollidays, this event was great and it was awesome seeing Sid Haig there!


Gettypede 2015

This event is a GuerilLA event that takes place at the Getty Museum. You pretend to be part of a tour, but your are doing whatever the leader of that line does. It is a, “Follow the Leader”, type of event. Worry not. Nothing dangerous or inappropriate is done. Everything we do is safe and in good fun.

My first time attending this event was in 2013 and I wanted to experience this first which is why I have not posted about this event on my blog yet. I would have wanted to post photos with it. This year, I took a lot of photos and I ran around a lot to do so.