It is kind of like Santa-Con, but St. Patrick’s Day themed. It also took place at Woodley Park, which is also where my sister and I have done Archery.

It was a fun gathering/picnic/get-together! Someone set up a photo booth with some props and someone brought the head of a Leprechaun.

Long Beach Comic Expo 2015

It was awesome! Last time, I hung out and took photos in another area of the convention center. This time it looked like most, if not all, the action took place in and around the Exhibit Hall area. I was fortunate enough to get a Professional Pass! Otherwise, I would have hung out outside and take whatever photos I could get. I saw a lot of familiar people which was great. I was only able to go for a day, however. I had to work the next day.

I had often though about trying different compositional styles such as different angles/poses for cosplayer, but I realized that that might be better for a photo shoot since conventions can be crowded unless I found a secluded area. I can’t wait for the next event!