Gallifrey 2015

After attending that flash mob that was posted earlier, my friend and I checked out Gallifrey for a bit. Gallifrey is a small convention that took place at the Marriott Hotel close to LAX and it focuses on the Sci-Fi series Doctor Who.

Tango Flash Mob at LAX

I attended my second flash mob in years and it was really fun! I didn’t dance, but I took pictures. This took place at LAX. I got there surprisingly fast. The 405 was actually good to me! The way back was not so good but not surprising.

Participants pretty much danced in a few different areas of the airport and a news cameraman caught the last bit so we got some news coverage!

Not only did I take pictures of the dancers, but I got some shots of the reactions of people passing by. We got good reactions! People seemed to enjoy it and they even took some photos and video!

The McNaughstys Video Shoot

I was tagged in a comment on their post where they asked for people to take part in their music video and I messaged them for details. It was really fun!

Check out their website, Facebook page, and Bandcamp!