No Pants Metro Ride 2015

An event that I always look forward to, this one was fun as always. I started off at the North Hollywood Metro Station. I may go to a different station in the future. We gathered with groups from other Metro stations at Union Station and then to the Hollywood/Highland Station where one of the ride captains gave a speech. Then, party!!   Like last year, we partied at Loaded Hollywood, but this time we had access to more room and some live bands! One of the bands that played was a Rage Against the Machine cover band. That was really cool. It was funny seeing Darth Vader and a Storm trooper without pants. The different kinds of clothing or costumes that you see without pants are pretty funny.

Armani Wells 23rd Anniversary

I was asked to take photos for this event in Studio City and it was a great party! I met some cool people and another friend of mine brought his DeLorean so people could pose with it.