Day 4

This was the day that I cosplayed Slenderman. I figured it was going to be difficult to be have the mask on while taking photos so I went through the Convention Center a few times as Slenderman without taking photos to see what kind of reactions I get. I got many pictures taken of me which was awesome! I then took off the mask and went around again to see what pictures I could take. I was also using my Canon since I was having difficulty with the straps on my Nikon.

I eventually met up with my friend and we continued to wander. I decided that I would try to take pictures WITH my Slenderman mask. It actually wasn’t too bad! There was some degree of difficulty, but I managed somehow. Enjoy my Day 4 pictures, a majority of which was taken with a mask on!

Anime Expo 2014 Day 1

It was that time of the year again. That time that I was pumped for. I got to bed around midnight just to have a decent amount of sleep. I then woke up around 6:50am and I felt the excitement of that first day of a big convention. It was also the first time that I was going to use my Nikon, which was a last-minute decision after talking about it with a friend of mine who I was meeting at a Metro station. I had planned to get some video and maybe even an interview, but I ended up not getting anything. Hopefully, I’ll get some video at a future convention/gathering.

This was also the first time that I was going to cosplay as someone other than Vash The Stampede, which I did for two days. For the first day, I thought I’d day Shaun from Shaun of the Dead because I figured I can pull it off with what I have. Another cosplay that I added to my repertoire was Slenderman. I dressed up as him during Halloween so I figured, why not AX? It was quite a success! I got plenty of pictures taken as Slenderman and people even wanted pictures taken of me with their kids! It was amazing! I think I’ll bring back Slenderman for future conventions.

I was quite surprised on Day 3 when the Trigun gathering occurred; there were quite a bit of Trigun cosplayers there! There were plenty of Wolfwoods, Vashes (including myself), and Midvalley the Hornfreak. There were more in this gathering than there were last year. I was proud of the turnout considering the fact that this gathering was planned late.

Overall, I had a great experience as usual, despite the complaints that I’ve read. I read of the long lines and I’ve seen pictures which blew me away! I made the best out of it and I got a lot of pictures. Day 1 will be posted below and the next three days will come very soon. Enjoy!