GolfKon’s Charity Memorial Tournament 2014

This one was quite special. There was a Back to the Future themed hole and the news was there! Claudia Wells and Don Fullilove were also there to play some golf. They played Jennifer Parker and the Mayor, respectively. It got pretty crazy, but it was fun! Here is the news story:


Student Film

I was asked by my Dan to be in a party scene for this film that someone he had met at a rally needed assistance with. I was interested, so I accepted.  The party scene had a band and I was an extra in the crowd of people with a Dos Equis in my hand (It was filled with tap water) and pretending to dance/mosh/enjoy the show. I got to flex my acting muscles a bit, even though I have barely any acting experience. I took some pictures while I was there because, well, I wanted to.