There is an event that occurs multiple times a year in LA called, CicLAvia. A part of downtown LA is closed off to cars and people can bring bikes, skateboards, rollerblades, whatever has wheels (that isn’t a car), or even to go for a walk/jog/run, to go up and down the street. There was a section of Wilshire that was closed off and there were thousands of people there. There were different stands there for CicLAvia merchandise, food, and different activies. Here is their website:

Last time I was there, I brought my bike. I brought my camera as well, but I thought it would have been difficult to take pictures and ride my bike. My friend who was also taking pictures had rollerblades, so it was easy for him to take good up-close pictures while being on the road.

This time, I decided to go on foot so I could take pictures. I thought it would be easier, which it was, but since I would have had to stay on the right side of the road or the sidewalk, I wouldn’t have been able to get really good up-close shots of bikes that I thought looked cool, but I got what I could. I saw a really tall bike, that I don’t believe I took a picture of, that looks like there would be some degree of difficulty to get on.

Anyone who sees this blog who lives in LA, if you haven’t heard of this event or you haven’t attended yet, try it. It’s really fun!

International Pillow Fight Day

I participated for the first time in an annual pillow fight in downtown LA. The location was Pershing Square and while this year didn’t seem as big as previous years (judging from my friends pictures from the times that he attended), it was a blast! Even the police came! It’s not what you think, however. They were called because they were called due to some kind of disturbance, and when they got there, they couldn’t believe it. Being called for a pillow fight? It sounds ridiculous, right? That’s what they seemed to think, thankfully, since we didn’t get in trouble. They watched the mayhem. Now you can too! In the form of pictures, that is.