I forgot to mention this on this blog. I took a job search/interview workshop back in December to increase my chances of finding a job. I learned a lot of stuff from job interview strategies to making multiple, better resumes. What I didn’t know was that after completing the five-day workshop, you could become a member of OPEN, which stands for Outstanding Professional Employment Network. Here is their website for more information: I think OPEN workshops and meetings are only in California.

There are many different committees that one could join. There are the IT, Marketing, and Media committees, to name a few. I joined the Media committee, because I felt that there would be responsibilities that could help me with what I want to do. Sure enough, my responsibilities include Videography, Photography, Graphic Arts, Audio Engineering, Script Writing, Acting, and Voice-over. I feel that being a part of this committee will definitely benefit me. Keep in mind, however, that this is volunteer work. It’s still worth it.

One task that I’ve recently been given is to edit a video of a testimonial of a member of OPEN who finally got a job. He mentions what kind of job he got, and the steps that he took to get it. I need to switch between two camera angels throughout the video to keep the audience engaged and I need to pick the best audio and keep it in sync with the video.

It will be interesting to see if work that I do here could lead to any jobs involving Photography, Video Editing, etc. Times are tough, but I think this is really good for me.


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