Halloween Costume

A picture of my sister in costume.


Art 300 Project 2

My sister and I have thought about making a Halloween video for a while. I wanted to do a remake of a video that I made a few years ago for an Art class California State University, Northridge that can be seen here. My sister wanted to do a video based on this.

My sister eventually ran into some creative snags, so she decided that we’ll just do the remake. I have started writing and I hope to have it out around Halloween.

MP3 Experiment Los Angeles

I partook in a fun event today with my sister and my friend, Dan. It took place at the Walt Disney Concert Hall and there was a list of stuff to bring, such as a specific colored shirts, bubbles, a ten year old item or pictures, and a camera.  All of the participants had to download an mp3 beforehand that had to be played at 1:30. From there, everyone had to follow the directions of the mysterious voice called, Steve. We performed various activities including walking forward and backwards, dancing, freeze tag, forming a human dartboard, napping, and freezing in place. To prove that we were there to have a good time and be friendly, we were instructed to give a thumb up to anyone and high five strangers who didn’t participate. I’m sure they were very confused by this event, but it was amazing and I would do it again. Here’s a link for more information! http://improveverywhere.com/missions/the-mp3-experiments/


Oh yes, I have a watermark now, which Dan made for me. I also have business cards! I’m still waiting for them in the mail.

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