Art 300 Project 2

My sister and I have thought about making a Halloween video for a while. I wanted to do a remake of a video that I made a few years ago for an Art class California State University, Northridge that can be seen here. My sister wanted to do a video based on this.

My sister eventually ran into some creative snags, so she decided that we’ll just do the remake. I have started writing and I hope to have it out around Halloween.

Some Coverage for MP3 Experiment LA

Adding on to my last post, there’s a YouTube video of some coverage of the event that can be seen here.

Also, to my surprise, my friend said he saw me in pictures that were taken by the Daily News! I am seen in pictures #3 and #18. Check out the pictures that were taken that day here:

MP3 Experiment Los Angeles

I partook in a fun event today with my sister and my friend, Dan. It took place at the Walt Disney Concert Hall and there was a list of stuff to bring, such as a specific colored shirts, bubbles, a ten year old item or pictures, and a camera.  All of the participants had to download an mp3 beforehand that had to be played at 1:30. From there, everyone had to follow the directions of the mysterious voice called, Steve. We performed various activities including walking forward and backwards, dancing, freeze tag, forming a human dartboard, napping, and freezing in place. To prove that we were there to have a good time and be friendly, we were instructed to give a thumb up to anyone and high five strangers who didn’t participate. I’m sure they were very confused by this event, but it was amazing and I would do it again. Here’s a link for more information!


Oh yes, I have a watermark now, which Dan made for me. I also have business cards! I’m still waiting for them in the mail.