Anime Expo

Anime Expo is my favorite convention to go to. Well, it’s the only major convention I’ve been to. I love the panels, the Exhibit Hall, the cosplayers, and just the whole experience in general. I was there for all four days in 2012.
I absolutely loved the Steve Blum panel since my sister and I watched a lot of Toonami around the new millenium. I also actually became interested in voice acting after my sister attended a Bang Zoom Entertainment Panel. It was a lot of fun seeing people voice act different characters from different anime like Gurren Lagann and some others. The next day, we went to the Exhibit Hall to go to Bang Zoom’s booth and we signed up for their Adventures in Voice Acting mailing list.
This year, however, I didn’t have the money to any day badges, but I was able to go their badgeless. I just couldn’t go into any of the rooms. That was fine though. I wanted to make the best of my limitations and I took a lot of pictures of the cosplayers. I, myself, cosplayed as one of my favorite anime characters, Vash The Stampede, from Trigun. I tagged along with my friend, Dan, to take lots of pictures.
I will be posting seperate blog entries with pictures from the different days that I went to Anime Expo, I didn’t go to Day 2, however. I went to a friends get-together. For this entry, I will post pictures that I took during Day 1. Enjoy! šŸ™‚


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